Video and Examples

This video will show you how to subtract fractions. Sample: 5\frac{5}{6}\,-\,2\frac{2}{9}\,=


It is a three step process to subtract fractions.

  1. Rename with common denominators
  2. Subtract whole numbers and numerators
  3. Simplify (if needed)
 The problem 5\frac{5}{6}\,-\,2\frac{2}{9}\,=
Rename with common denominators 5\frac{15}{18}\,-\,2\frac{4}{18}\,=
Subtract 3\frac{11}{18}
Simplify  not needed this time


Here is another example.

 The problem


Rename with common denominators [show answer]
Subtract [show answer]
Simplify [show answer]



Duane Habecker, Created with GeoGebra


 View subtracting fractions with the area model.


For more practice with fractions, please try this Fraction Calculator.




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